About Us

Fast Company NV started in 2013 to offer various products, originally to the automotive industry. In 2014, with technical help from Live Event Stream, we began developing video products for the Real Estate market.

The story of Fast Company NV, however, goes back to 2000 when a company named Diamondlot was formed. Robert Fast was the Vice President and main national operations and sales manager. Diamondlot provided data and photography services for auto dealership’s entire inventory and their digital internet presence. Diamondlot sold and serviced over 800 dealerships nationwide during those years. In Feb 2013, Robert Fast retired from Diamondlot and formed Fast Company NV – along with his business partner Joshua Ricketts. Fast Company NV became instrumental in launching real video for the auto dealer market, something quite new to the auto industry at the time. Because it became so successful on a national basis, Robert and Joshua decided to create a video product specifically for the Real Estate market.

Robert Fast
Joshua Ricketts