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Build customer relationships even when you are not working!

Statistics show that over half of home buyers found their homes on the internet. In addition to finding their homes, why not let them find and get to know you?

Share your knowledge. Share valuable information regarding your local real estate market to help your audience make informed decisions. All while introducing yourself to potential customers.

Promote the buyers you represent. Many sellers want to know their home is going to the right person or family. Give your buyer's offer an emotional impact by allowing them to introduce themselves and share their story.


Real Estate Vids Description

Real Estate Vids is a video editing app designed for specifically for professionals in the real estate market. We understand that your time is valuable and you do not have time to waste messing with a complex video editor. Despite this, you probably do want the benefits of a professional video.

Types of videos you will be able to create:

1) Property videos - These can be customized for a variety of uses include house tours, promotional videos, and helpful information vlogs.

2) Testimonial videos - Enables others to see the face behind testimonial and generate positive emotional feelings towards your brand. These videos also generate a video release form that can be signed directly on your device. This ensure that you can legally use the video for promotional purposes.

3) Thank You videos - These unlisted videos enable you to provide a more personalized way to keep in touch, one-on-one, with your clients.


Real Estate Vids Features

  • Automatically combines multiple video clips together with professional style transitions.

  • Voice-over recording allows you to add a descriptive narrative to your videos.

  • Watermarks allow you to brand your videos with your company logo.

  • The Picture-In-Picture enables you to re-use a property video and personalize it for a specific client. (This feature is coming soon)

  • Uploads directly to YouTube, *Facebook, and *Twitter. (*Optional)

  • Automates emails and text messages that can be edited before sending.

  • Contact information can be selected directly from the Contacts list on your device.


Better Organic SEO Results

Real videos, not slideshows, get better search results. Our videos often show up on the first page search results on Google.

Our training will provide you with proven methods to boost your SEO.


Backed By Our Team of Experts

We want you to get the most out of this amazing tool. When you subscribe to the Real Estate Vids, you are not only getting the app, you are also getting our personal support. 

Support for most apps is an automated response or a link to a "Frequently Asked Questions" page. Our support comes from real people who are eager to make sure you get the best experience from our app.

Along with our support team, you will receive access to our Members pages. These pages provide training and creative ideas to make your videos stand out.

Additionally, everyone is invited to subscribe to our Pro-Tips newsletter, which provides simple tips to improve your digital video marketing.


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