Real Estate Vids is a video editing app that is specifically designed for the busy real estate agent. This is not just another video editing app, nor is it a glorified slideshow. This is a tool that provides everything you need to give potential customers a real virtual tour of a property. What makes it special is it's ease of use and automatically generated forms and emails.

Why should you consider Real Estate Vids

  • Designed specifically for real estate agents

  • Easy to use

  • Creates videos in minutes instead of hours

  • Professional results

  • Local customer support and training

Real Estate Vids is designed to assist with 3-primary types of real estate videos

Custom Property Videos


  • Allows you to combine multiple video clips

  • Add music and voice-over

  • Enables you to add home details in the video description

  • Automatically uploads video to YouTube (and optionally to Facebook and Twitter)

  • Automatically extracts up to 60 pictures from each video clip

  • Automatically generates editable email with a link to your video

Besides being the perfect tool for creating property videos, this format can be used for a variety of other video creations such as:

  • Community videos that feature the local neighborhood, schools, and shopping centers

  • Tutorial videos

  • Or any other project you can imagine... including home videos


We all appreciate when our customers provide testimonials regarding the services we provide. However, often times a written testimonial leaves us wondering, "who really wrote this." When dealing with any major purchase, we want to know that the person we are dealing with is someone that we can really trust.


  • 30% of house hunters watch videos for customer testimonials

  • 25% use videos to decide which company to purchase from

Real Estate Vids enables you to show potential customers that you are a real person helping real people. Let your happy customers tell others how well you did for them.

Thank You Videos

The best follow up is a warm handshake and a happy smile because it is personal. But you cannot always be there in person... However, Thank You Videos can engage your customers on a personal level. And it only costs you a small amount of your time.


  • Ability to add multiple clips

  • Automatically uploads to YouTube as an Unpublished video so that it can only be viewed by those you want to share it with

  • Automatically generates an editable email for your customer with a link to the video

This video format can be used for a variety of other video creations such as:

  • Inter-office training videos

  • Maintenance notes to property managers

Service Options

Do It Yourself

  • Real Estate Vids app

  • App training

  • Video training

  • Video quality follow up assistance

  • Technical support

Full Service

  • Complete A-Z service

  • Filming of the property

  • Uploading to YouTube and all of your syndication sites (Zillow,, etc.)

  • Pictures to go along with your video

  • Technical support