Why Video?

August 24, 2016

Video is the single most important way that people communicate ideas, product knowledge, train others and quite simply, entertain them.


Consider some facts about online videos:

  • YouTube: 4 Billion views per day
  • 79% of all digital traffic is comprised of videos
  • Video marketing has become the #1 strategy of retail executives. Google, Facebook and Twitter are all dominated by video content.
The power of video:
  • Creates Engagement & Retention
  • Total Transparency & Honesty
  • Impacts Emotions & Buying Decisions
For interesting information about declining television viewership versus smart phone usage, CLICK HERE

Video marketing can have a huge effect on gaining and maintaining new clients. Here's why:

  • 50% of interactivity online is video based
  • YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine for media
  • 73% of sellers are most likely to list with an agent using video to market themselves versus agents without video
  • Google ranks video content higher since consumers like video
  • Once a video is on the 1st page of Google, consumers are 41% more likely to click a video thumbnail rather than a picture or text link

So ultimately, you're utilizing one more tool to bring people to your site. A video keeps the user there longer, gives you a wider window to make a good impression and successfully retain that lead!


This might seem overwhelming, but think about the trade-off you're making by investing in viral marketing. A video that's roughly five minutes long gives you a chance to connect with your potential clients before even shaking their hand. It also demonstrates your expertise as a realtor and a willingness to put your reputation on the line. According to VideoBrewery.com, a real estate group that incorporates video receives 403% more inquiries than those without video. Now, although that might not be the exact number you'll reach, wouldn't you be happy with even double the inquires?


Here's what your consumers want to see:

  • 86% want to view community videos to educate
  • 70% want to view listing videos/tours
  • 54% want to view "How To" videos on the buying and selling process
  • 30% want to view "Testimonial" videos to help establish trust
  • 25% want to view videos about you and your company
For more information on how video can help your business, please contact us.
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