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August 23, 2016

There are many video apps out there, and some can be adapted to real estate. So why should you consider another app that does the same thing? Because Real Estate Vids is not just another video editing app. It is specifically designed for real estate agents. It provides professional results in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost. This app can be used by those with previous video editing experience, as well as those who have no previous video editing experience.


Real Estate Vids enables you to create the following types of videos:


• Custom Video Walk Around

Give your customers a full tour from any location. Personalize your videos and make sure your customers don’t miss any important selling points by adding your own custom voice over. Make your video more enjoyable to watch with background music.


• Video Testimonials

Written testimonials are okay, but nothing beats a video testimonial when it comes to making an impact on future customers. Research has shown that 85% of home buyers want to work with an agent who uses video. Add SEO tags, share to Facebook and Twitter, and publicly publish to YouTube to enhance your online reputation. Real Estate Vids not only creates the video, it also creates a release form for your customer to sign to keep everything legal. 


• Thank You Videos

With this feature you and your sales team can thank the customer for their business with a unique video message. Retain customers by adding additional clips to introduce other services you provide. Then, send directly to their email from the app.


Other App Features:

  • Custom voice-over

  • Background music

  • Automated customer emails 

  • Testimonial E-release form

  • Extracts pictures from your video




Still don't have time to do your own videos? 


We provide full video services. 







For more information regarding the app or our services, please contact us.  



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