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June 17, 2017

I wanted to provide a brief overview of some of my favorite video, and photography, iPhone apps. Though the title of this post is specifically regarding video marketing, I am including some photography apps on this list because I sometimes add photos to my videos, and I generally prefer to add my own custom thumbnail photo to my YouTube videos.


Quick note: The iPhone 6 Plus, and later models, have Optical Image Stabilization. I cannot emphasize how important this is for anyone who plans on shooting video while moving. At this time, optical image stabilization is not available on iPad cameras.


So here are the 13 video and photo apps that I can't live without - in no particular order: 



YouTube Studio - Free

This is a must-have app for anyone who manages a YouTube channel on the go. I rely on this app to edit titles, descriptions, adjust privacy settings, and to add my own thumbnail images.




ProCamera - $4.99 + in-app purchases

This app is feature rich and works well for both photos and video. A friend of mine used it on his trip to China, and his photos were phenomenal (he used the vividHDR (+ $2.99) setting for many of his shots. This is my go-to photography app.



FiLMiC Pro - $14.99

This app is widely reviewed and promoted by many YouTube vloggers, and for good reason. It is amazing. It is definitely worth the price. However, it only shoots video (no photos), and there is a big learning curve to get the most out of it.  The more I learn to use it, the more I like it. You just can't beat it for recording video. You might also check out the FiLMic Pro Camera Kit - $18.99 - which includes the FiLMiC Pro Remote app which allows you to control your recording device with another Apple iOS device. Here are a couple of video links to that you can check out if you would like to see what more of what FiLMiC Pro can do.

FiLMiC Pro Tutorial - by Justin Brown - Primal Video 

FiLMiC Pro V6 Jump Start Guide - by Epic Tutorials for iPhone, iPad, and iOS



Camera Plus - $0.99

Speaking of remote control, this app allows you to control and view your iPhone or iPad's camera from another connected iOS device (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) using Bluetooth or WiFi. 




GoPro Splice - Free

This was my mobile go-to video editing app. It is relatively easy to use, has a pretty good set of features, and for the price - free - you can't beat it! However, if you want to take your video editing to the next level, you will definitely want to check out the last app on this list.




Video Color Editor - Free version

You can use this to adjust colors within a video. I took a video clip of a white car and used this app to make the video black-and-white while maintaining the red color in the tail-lights.




Prisma - Free

This app enables you to add modern art effects to your photos. I have used this for my YouTube thumbnail pictures. In the last update, this app now enables you to apply these effects to 15-second video clips!



Color Pop Effects - Free

This is another photo editing app that allows you to highlight specific parts of your photo in full color while converting the rest to black and white. This can be used for photos you add to your video or for YouTube thumbnails.



Dealer Video Suite - Contact us for pricing

This app is specifically for automotive dealership sales staff. It is an incredibly powerful and easy to use video editor designed to follow up on leads and create stronger relationships with your customers. Below is an example of a DVS video. To learn more about this app, please see the AUTOMOTIVE page on our website.



Real Estate Vids - Contact us for pricing

This is the sister app to Dealer Video Suite. It provides the same functionality and ease of use, but tailored to real estate agents.

For more information, please visit our REAL ESTATE page.




iMark - Free

iMark is an image annotation tool. While there could be some video applications for this app, I most often use it to explain screenshots to coworkers. You can easily add arrows, text, and other items to provide visual aids.



Houzz - Free

You are probably wondering why I have added an interior design app to this list, which is why I am going to write a slightly longer explanation. I have added this one specifically for real estate agents. This app enables you to virtually add a wide variety of furniture using your camera. You can then save the picture to your device. Why is this really cool? Imagine that you have an empty house that you are selling. With this app you can demonstrate what the room could look like furnished. Then, using the Splice video editor, you could work these photos into your video clips.


Originally, this concluded my list of must-have video and photography apps. But then came LumaFusion.



LumaFusion - $19.99

I originally saw a review on this app and decided to bite the bullet and purchase this $20 app. I immediately tried it and hated it. Compared to the free GoPro Splice app, it was not as easy to use. I could not just open the app and run with it. I felt I had just made a huge mistake and wasted $20. But then I watched a YouTube video (link to video) that highlighted some key features of the app, and I was suddenly very happy with my purchase. This is the closest app I have found to a full-feature desktop video editor. It is simply amazing. That said, like FiLMiC Pro, there is a big learning curve, and you will need to watch the tutorial videos to really get your money's worth out of it. 


So that concludes my list. Let me know if I you have any go-to photography/video apps on your list that I did not mention.

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